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What’s new? The “B” edition

I last posted on July 19. This is becoming an alarming trend.

I make no promises for the future. However, I wanted to tell you what’s new. And the letter of the week is “B”.

We went to a baseball game. Only Walla Walla would have an onion as their mascot. 

We went to the beach. Contrary to what these pictures lead you to believe, we went with 1000 people.

We’ve picked blackberries and blueberries and huckleberries and   cherries. Delish.

And because all good summers deserve burgers and fries, we’ve done that.

And some roasted veg (carrots, squash, pepper, turnip and eggplant) to balance it all out.

I have a number of excuses for ignoring you recently which include Twitter (I’m learning to tweet. Follow me at holleybryantwwu.) and countless work trips. 

The real reason for my absence?

Baseball games, beach trips, berries and burgers. 

What’s your “B”?


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