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Thursday Thoughts, XXXII

1. The stripes addiction continues.

San Antonio might be humid and also smell faintly of urine, but they’ve got some great shopping. Interestingly enough, I was drawn to all these stripes, but the only thing I purchased from this selection was the lavender sweater. Maybe because my wardrobe is already predominantly stripes and I need to branch out.

2. I’m trying to figure out Twitter.

And I’m already stuck. This is what happens when a 35 year old tries to (stay, get, become) cool. Who am I kidding? Middle aged Twitter is the opposite of cool.

3. I’ve found a dessert that I don’t like.

Tres leches cake. Have you tried it? The texture weirded me out, but I’m also the girl who won’t eat pumpkin pie because it reminds me of baby food, so this is probably no surprise. I found this delicacy to be chunky and soggy. Sure looks pretty, though!

4. My kiddos loved hanging out with their new baby cousin.

Yet, ask either of them if they’d rather have a new baby or a cat, and they’ll immediately start picking out kitty names. 

5. Someone get this girl a haircut.

Or, a brush will do as well…


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