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WIAW: the day I didn’t cook

For someone who has (what used to be) a food blog, I sure don’t cook very often. I mean, I eat. You betcha I eat. I just don’t really cook anymore. Maybe it’s lack of creativity. Maybe it’s the fact that these days I’m usually busy monitoring epic bubble baths…

Or maybe it’s just that there’s lots of good food around me that doesn’t require my assistance.


I had an early meeting and it was catered which was fabulous because a) my sweet mama was the caterer and b) since I didn’t have to worry about breakfast, I was actually on time. 

Mushroom and veggie sausage quiche, cinnamon roll (amazing, Unk C) and fruit.

And my own coffee because I’m addicted.



Baby beet salad with goat cheese and pepitas alongside awesome conversation from my cohorts at the other colleges in Walla Walla. Ooh, also a dirty chai tea which was lovely.



I guess I technically cooked this meal, but baking premade veggie corn dogs and boiling corn hardly seems like cooking. This meal did, however, give Matty B the opportunity to make a joke about double corn dogs which made me think he was very witty and also took the attention off the fact that 


I might need an intervention. Or maybe just a bubble bath.


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