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Cherries 2015

You know you’ve been blogging for a long time when a quick search of your archives turns up two previous seasons of cherry picking.

Cherry Picking
Cherry Pickers
And today, we add year three to the list with:

Cherries 2015

Yes, I know. I’m very creative with my titles.

It’s kind of amazing, the difference a few years makes.




Cherries 2015 was slightly different than Cherries 2013.

1. In 2013,  Miss Rae was eating whole cherries, pit and all. Not this big girl. Now she doesn’t eat cherries at all. Today.


2. In 2015, J Man climbs ladders. I still hold onto his belt loops, but he’s much more independent than four year old J Man.


3. And as for Matty B? Not much has changed.  He still likes picking cherries, but he still won’t eat them.


Now, what to do with 3 pounds of cherries and 3 family members who snub them?

Cherry Pie Bars?
Fresh Cherry Tart?
Fresh Cherry and Pecan Quinoa?
Cherry Brown Butter Bars?
I want to make them all. Something tells me that if I don’t get around to one of these recipes this year, there will be plenty of opportunities with Cherries 2016.

I’ll bet you’re giddy with anticipation.


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