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Five on Friday

1. I took my children into a bar today. Thankfully, it was for a good cause.

All the dads are getting growlers of root beer for Father’s Day. I’d tell you to keep this a secret from Matty B, but I’m an awful gift giver and an even worse secret keeper, so he’s already busted into his jug. I also got him a wheelbarrow. Wife of the year, no?

2. I have a new patisserie favorite:

-the lemon blueberry danish. I used to be a kouign-amann (top) girl all the way, but this tastes like summer. Also, our blueberry bushes at home have drowned (it’s a long story) so I’m on the lookout for a u-pick scenario.

3. Miss Rae has this weird way of eating her doughnuts.

I’m not certain if this is a “save the best for last” scenario, or if she really likes the glazed part best.

4. Today was the annual yard sale that Matty B and grandma have come to know and love.

These two are getting in on the yard sale action early with cookies and lemonade for sale. I don’t know whether or not to be proud of their entrepreneurship or ashamed of their yard sale excitement.

They made $20. I guarantee that Miss Rae already has it spent.

5. However, she can spend all she wants if she’ll keep snuggling with me.

J Man isn’t much of a snuggler. Never has been. But this one will melt into your arms and I never want it to stop.


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  1. I love the picture of you and Miss R snuggling.


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