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I’m not spontaneous.

My idea of spontaneous is to not look at the menu online before we go to a restaurant. Yeah, I’m wild.

Matty B has similar preferences. His very least favorite phrase ever is “let’s just play it by ear.” No, no. No playing anything by ear. Follow the music. Follow the plan.


So when he suggested on Friday that we drive 14 hours round trip on Monday (graduation weekend being in between), I thought he was a little crazy. But as you can see from the Starbucks mug above, we went. (Because if I don’t have a Starbucks mug to prove it, we didn’t go.)

We went because I’ve got a crazy summer of work travel ahead of me and we want to be a foursome on an adventure.




We went because of jellyfish and blue parrots and the Vancouver aquarium. 


We went because of Tim Horton’s even though I came away less than impressed. Their coffee comes from a gas station machine and their doughnuts were meh.  (Also, here’s a fun test. Whose doughnut is whose in the photo above? Answer at the end.)



We went because there was better food to make up for it (yes, more doughnuts- these of the Krispy Kreme variety.)


 But mostly, we went for this.



 Well, specifically this.  USA v. Nigeria in the women’s World Cup soccer game.

This dude was overjoyed. I mean, he was in. Miss Rae was another story, but thankfully there was popcorn and I brought along her princess fairy tales so all was well.

USA won. 1:0.

I’m the real winner. An adventure with my sweet family? This will be my favorite memory of the summer.

Doughnut answer: clockwise from the top-

Powdered sugar (lemon filled)- Matty B

Chocolate chocolate- Miss Rae

Old fashioned- me

Sprinkled- J Man


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