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Not a normal Sunday

I like my Sundays. They’re predictable. They typically involve some mash-up of pancakes, coffee, running, and laundry.

Today was not a typical Sunday.

6 am flight to Seattle. I wasn’t super excited about my 4:30 am wake up call, but there is something amazing about a flight by yourself without fruit snacks, crayons, and Curious George DVDs. Note my regalia in the background- I was presenting scholarships at a graduation.


The great thing about the Seattle airport is that you don’t even have to leave the terminal to get awesome breakfast: mocha and egg/cheese breakfast sandwich. 
I got to the school a little early, so I took off on a run. Three hilly miles and this tea tasted delicious afterward.

  Even though we were required to wear regalia at the ceremony, I was the only one who wore my hat, and by the time I realized that I was the odd one out, it was too late. It’s ok. At least my mortarboard somewhat hid my sweaty hair.

After I completed my duties and congratulated the graduates, I had 5 hours to kill before my flight home.

I saw Pitch Perfect 2. By myself. It was a first. Also, I blatantly handed the usher my ticket with the same hand that was holding my Starbucks and he didn’t blink an eye.


Then I went to University Village for some shopping. I was feeling stripey. This shirt came home with me, along with a black dress from Madewell. Used to be $134. I got it for $24. I know. I’m amazing. 

 This is absolutely not like me, but I skipped lunch (unless you count my iced coffee, which I don’t) so by 6 pm I was starving. Qdoba now does a smothered burrito and mine was smothered in deliciousness that included pico, queso, and guacamole. I absolutely ate the whole thing.

  And then I bought Gone Girl. I had Bossypants by Tina Fey in one hand and Gone Girl in the other. I’m actually really sensitive when it comes to books and movies. They can’t be too sad, vulgar, violent or profane. And nothing with kids – ever. Happy or sad, I will cry.

So far the book is better than the cookie accompanying it. I thought the white dip on the cookie was white chocolate but instead it was marahmallow. Weird.

The flight got into Walla Walla right on time. And then I couldn’t find my car in the parking lot. You know, the same one that I parked 15 hours earlier?

Yeah, it was a crazy day.


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  1. Gone Girl is so good. I hope you like it. I have not had much of a desire to see the movie though. I read about the movie and did not like that they cut some of the characters or changed who/how they were for the movie. I also didn’t agree with the choice of actors for the parts either. That was not how I pictured the characters!


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