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Smoothie Pops

Yesterday, Miss Rae informed me that she no longer eats Parmesan cheese. And so I found myself with her pasta in a colander, rinsing off the Parmesan cheese so she’d eat it. For the record, my child wants pasta with no sauce, no butter, no cheese, not even a pinch of salt. Plain, in every sense of the word, pasta.


Do you remember these days? These days when my children would willingly eat blackberries? Yeah, they don’t eat them anymore.

I know because I bought a clamshell (gone are my days of Portland blackberries) and my children turned up their adorable noses at these delicacies.

I’ll show them. I froze the discarded blackberries and added them to a berry cherry smoothie of frozen strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. A little yogurt for protein and some orange juice to make it all go.

And then I froze it in these groovy Popsicle cups.

And then we went to the pool. 

And they were none the wiser.

Take that, J Man.



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