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French Press Cold Brew Coffee

I didn’t want to run today.

Because it was a holiday, I slept in (in my world, “sleeping in”=7 am) and by the time I actually got around to it, it was 2 pm.

I didn’t want to run today.

At 12:30, I ate an Iceburg garden burger with everything and 1/3 of an Oreo shake. And 7 fries. Not for lack of trying- 7 is all that were left in the pile I was sharing with Rae.

And who wants to run after all of that? But we have plans with friends tonight and it was a 2 pm run or nothing. (Some days, nothing is a completely acceptable answer, but after Oreo milkshake and the promise of birthday cake tonight, a run seemed like a good idea.)

Oops. I guess my phone is dying.

Anyway, I told myself that I only had to go 2 miles and then I could stop. 

At mile 1, I had a side ache. 

At mile 2, I was doing ok so I kept going. 

At mile 2.3, I regretted my decision to keep going.

At mile 2.5, I was too hot.

At mile 2.7, I started making deals with myself. Make it home, and you can have iced coffee.


Have you tried your hand at cold brew coffee? I used this recipe for French Press Cold Brew Coffee and it was super easy.

I mean, you have to plan ahead. And you need a French press, but those are like $10 at Target, so you’re set.


All you do is mix coarse coffee grounds with water and let sit 12-24 hours. Then press the grounds down, pour and chill.

I added some almond milk because that’s what I do. It was creamy and delightful. Matty B questioned what I was drinking.

H: “It’s iced coffee, but you wouldn’t like it.”

MB: “Because it tastes like coffee?”

H: “Yep.”

Also,  check out this How addicted to coffee are you? quiz.

I got “professional coffee drinker” which I think is an exaggeration. The quiz has you choosing your favorite owl! How can this be legit?



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