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5 on Friday

1. I made these  Chocolate cinnamon babka muffins and they were just ok.

I mean, they were delicious, but for the amount of time put into them, they were just ok. Matty B ate one and liked it but then also said, “I like your Almond Poppyseed Scones better.” 

People, the babka took three hours. The scones take 20 minutes. I think you know what I’m making tomorrow.

2. Smoothies are back.

After a long-term relationship with oatmeal, I’m craving something else and smoothies are the ticket. I need some new recipes, though. I have two “go-to” recipes:

1. Peanut butter and banana

2. Berries and banana

Original, huh? Do you have a good smoothie recipe?

3. Still feeling guilty about my lack of motherly intuition with J Man and his ear infections. 

Yet not feeling so guilty that I can’t enjoy this photo of the only nap he’s taken in two years. Man, I miss naps.

4. This:

  Especially #4. And #5. And #7.

5. I followed #7 tonight.

  Backyard sunshine baseball hotdogs climbing fences iced tea running through sprinklers friends babies smores AND strawberry shortcake.

Absolutely a reason to smile! 


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