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Parenting Fail

Confession: this is what I ate for dinner tonight.


+ J Man’s helping of Mac n cheese
+ rice chips
+ 3 spoonfuls of Nutella
+ Miss Rae’s leftover crackers from lunch
+ canned peaches, straight out of the jar

I’ve been trying to rationalize this as a balanced meal, but I’m failing miserably.


It’s the mommy guilt talking.

You see, the dude above has double ear infections. Five hours ago I was skeptical at best. He seemed fine. But then he was crying. And then he was fine. And then he was crying. And it seemed like a very strategic way to get his portion of grandma’s attention plus half of Miss Rae’s.

But I took him to the walk-in clinic (why is his pediatrician never available?) and sure enough. Amoxicillin for the win.


My drug of choice?

Coconut Almond Butter

Also, why is parenting so hard? And they aren’t even teenagers yet…


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