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Cornmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t have a potty mouth. I mean to say, I didn’t grow up in a swearing household and now, as an adult, I keep it pretty clean.

My “swear” words are blast and what the R? which I realize makes no sense. (If you care about the history of this one, I would never say what the hell? and even what the H? seemed a little too close for comfort, thus what the R? was born.)


We don’t swear. So when J Man came home with what the heh? (note: not “heck,” but “heh” because he doesn’t even know what he’s saying), I was surprised.

We talked about good words to use at both home and school. He sobbed. Real tears of sorrow. I mean, you would’ve thought I was accusing him of something terrible.

Five minutes later, from Miss Rae:

“Oh my gosh!”

I can’t win.

I think you’re supposed to wash kid’s mouths out with soap when they say bad words.


I washed my kid’s mouths out with cookies.

I made these cornmeal chocolate chunk cookies with raisins and fennel. Except we didn’t have fennel, so I left that out. And if I put raisins in cookies, Matty B will be the one saying the bad words, so those were omitted also.


These cookies are definitely crunchy and crispy. We liked them, but we find ourselves in the “soft and chewy” camp when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.


I baked a dozen immediately after I mixed up the dough and they spread very quickly and got those edges that tell you the butter was a little warm.


I refrigerated the dough for 30 minutes and tried again. Same result. Again, still good, but not our favorite.


These two didn’t mind the crunch. They kept saying “mmmmmm!”


And in my book, that’s a good word!


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