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Thursday Thoughts, XXIX

1. I’m running the Race for the Roses on Sunday. I’m totally prepared.


My training cycle has gone well. I feel good. Edit: I felt good.

I caught a cold. I never get sick. I have the immunity of a race horse (is this an accurate simile?). Regardless, 2 days before the race, I feel like trash. Instead of gu’s, I’ll be taking shooters of NyQuil along the course.

2. I’ve finished my Hello Fresh subscription.



The other two meals were pasta primavera and kale panzanella. Both were delicious. Both were time-consuming. I learned two valuable tips:

1. Sour cream and a little pasta water makes a surprisingly good sauce.
2. Lemon zest/juice makes every dish better.

3. I took a personality test.


These are my results. I gotta tell you, I was kind of surprised that I tested extravert. People who know me on the surface might see this to be true, but I think deep down I’m a true introvert. I can force myself to be extraverted, but it feels hard sometimes.

4. This has been my lunch for three days in a row.


Except for today. Today’s lunch was Dutch Bros. You know, feed a cold, starve a fever…?

5. This.


Because she’s perfect.


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