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A super long time ago (1994?) I was in Mexico, on vacation with my family. My Grandma V was there and I remember being at breakfast as she was attempting to order two orange juices, but there was a language barrier and she was gesturing toward the menu with three fingers and the mixed-up Mexican waiter was so confused.

To this day, I can still hear his heavily accented, bewildered echo. “Two orange juices? Three orange juices?”

We laughed about that with my grandma for a long time afterward.

This week, a co-worker made a similar mistake, saying one number, but gesturing a different number and we laughed and I immediately thought of “Two orange juices? Three orange juices?”


Maybe that’s why I’ve been thinking about her so much.

Or maybe it’s because it’s April, her birthday month.


Or maybe it’s because this little one, Reagan Virginia, is so much like her great-grandma in so many ways.


Or maybe it’s because I get little reminders that I’m not the only one who misses her. Thanks for posting this, Crystal:)


Or maybe it’s the flowers. We live in grandma’s old house. We have not planted any flowers. Yet, every spring we’ve been gifted tulips and daffodils and these purple things.


They’re the gift that keeps on giving, really, because every time I see these flowers that grandma planted years ago, I’m reminded of how blessed we were to have her.


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