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The party is over and this is the only picture I took.


Have you recently thrown a princess birthday party for a sassy four year old? If not, and if you care, here are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

1. DO invite friends who will automatically take photos of the festivities. Thus, all the following pics are from Melissa and Matty B- thank you!


2. DON’T over-invite. If you don’t want 17 children to attend, don’t invite 17 children. This all turned out fine and we had a blast but there were absolutely 17 three to seven year olds in my house…


3. DO make other people do all the work.


My mom painstakingly put together all these fruit fairy wands and you know that Matty B cleaned the house from top to bottom.

4. DON’T buy miniature nail decals for four year old fingernails. It doesn’t matter how tiny those stickers are – baby girl fingernails are tinier.


4.5 DO have manly temporary tattoo options for the four boys forced to participate in this princess extravaganza.




5. DON’T make your own Barbie cake. DO buy one from a professional. What a disaster. I’m pretty sure that there was Barbie hair in the frosting. At least it tasted good.


6. DO put your newly four year old to bed and promise yourself that this won’t happen for at least another 365 days…



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