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Hello Fresh!

It was like Christmas this afternoon.


Unfortunately, for Miss Rae, the UPS man didn’t bring her yet another birthday present. This present was for me.

A few weeks ago, Matty B found a coupon for $40 off an order with Hello Fresh.


Hello Fresh is one of those meal delivery services. Their website claims that they deliver delicious and healthy recipes with all the pre-measured ingredients to your door each week.

When we pulled into the driveway this afternoon, I was thrilled to see a big box on the front porch. When we got it in the door, I immediately opened the insulated box to find three different meal bags.


The three meals were mushroom quesadillas, Tuscan kale panzanella and portobello and orecchiette primavera.


I chose to make the mushroom quesadillas. They were really good. And for $19 (regular price is $59) for 6 meals (3 different meals, 2 servings), definitely worth it.


A few thoughts:

1. Everything is pre-measured so it’s pretty convenient. All you need from your own pantry is salt, pepper and butter/olive oil.

2. The quesadillas were supposed to feed 2 people- they could have easily fed 4.

3. The recipe didn’t seem that inspired to me at first, but the lemon zest just made the whole thing sing and forevermore I will put lemon zest in my guacamole.



4. If you have a picky family like I do, this doesn’t necessarily save time because I made them a “normal” dinner and then I made this for myself. Time wasn’t saved, but it did save me from boring burritos (seriously, Matty B? Every Friday night?)


5. Would I place another order? I can’t really answer that until I try the other two recipes. It’s handy having the “what’s for dinner?” decision made. The quesadillas were tasty. But I’m not sure that I’d pay full price without another coupon option.


If nothing else, Hello Fresh is novel and I can see it being awesome for a family with older (less persnickety) children.


Have you ever used a meal delivery service?


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