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Sugar Cookies

I’m married to this random person who is a frequent mystery to me.


It’s also a mystery why I’m wearing two pairs of sunglasses.

Matty B loves old school Christian music and Metallica. Sometimes both on the same day.

Matty B loves picking raspberries but wouldn’t think of actually eating one.

Matty B subscribes to a number of magazines:

Sports Illustrated
This Old House
Better Homes and Gardens


Better Homes and Gardens?

Yes, my football loving, woodworking, manly man husband likes reading Better Homes and Gardens. This dude is so unpredictable.


This is what I ended up with when I tried to take his picture while he was reading BHG in bed.

I’m not judging (I’m absolutely judging) but I think BHG is boring. They do, however, occasionally have good recipes.


Today’s is a good one.

J Man’s school is having a bake sale tomorrow. Because he is his mother’s son, he wants to participate in everything. Everything. Therefore, not only will we purchase something from this bake sale, we will also provide cookies for the bake sale.


Basically, we made cookies so that we could buy them from ourselves. That’s how bake sales work, right?

We made these melt in your mouth sugar cookies from a BHG recipe.

They were delicious.


One way that Matty B is very predictable?

His desire to eat every single one of these cookies.


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