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Thursday Thoughts, XXVIII

1. Rae loved her pacifier as a baby. I mean, loved it so much that later, after she outgrew it, we offered her either the pacifier or a dum dum sucker on a plane flight (to relieve altitude pressure) and she chose…the pacifier. That was last year.


On our recent flight from San Diego, she took her ring pop and used it as a pacifier. Best of both worlds, no?

2. We’ve discovered the world of blanket forts.



My living room will never be the same.

3. I haven’t been taking photos of my food lately.


Miss Rae has, however. Maybe she should write this blog. It would be a lot more consistent…

4. J Man got a hold of my phone and put it on screen lock.


See the little icon at the top? I don’t know how to take it off. My six year old is officially smarter than me.

5. I should really keep better track of my phone…



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  1. If you slide up on your phone like you would if you wanted to take a picture when your phone is locked you will see that icon and can unclick it.


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