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Inside Out Chocolate Cream Pie

This one has some attitude.


You see it in her eyes, don’t you? You also see it in the 32 layers of lipgloss, but that’s another worry for another day.

I’ve got a little bit of attitude too.

Just to prepare you, I’m going to whine about not being on vacation anymore, so if you think I’m a big baby and you don’t want to listen to my (absolutely irrational) sob story, just scroll to the bottom for the recipe link.


You see, last week I was toasting housemade root beer with my family, exactly 14 steps from the beach.

It was pretty rad.

This week I’m anticipating a teensy bit of work drama, plus the grind of packing lunches/get to school on time/no, you may not wear your fairy wings to class. It’s going to be rad stressful.

How do you get out of a bad attitude?

I’ll tell you how.

Chocolate Cream Pie, that’s how.

But what if you’ve been doing laundry piles equal to Mt. Everest and you don’t have time to create the dessert that cures all ails?


Inside Out Chocolate Cream Pie.

I used this chocolate pudding recipe from Taste of Home, mostly because the recipe called for real chocolate chips, not just cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is for suckers.

While the pudding was chilling in the fridge, I scrounged the pantry for graham crackers. Nothing. I finally came up with an opened package of graham cracker cookies shaped like Scooby Doo dog biscuits. I used about a cup of these, puréed in the food processor with a tablespoon of melted butter. Pressed into the bottom of a pie tin, baked for 10 minutes at 350, it made a delightful crust.


Luckily, no one else in my family eats whipped cream, so there was enough for me to drown my sorrows.


This was delicious. You should absolutely try it. If you’re not a chocolate person (why???), you could do banana or coconut or lemon…ooh! Lemon!

I still have an attitude.

Miss Rae is still wearing gobs of sparkly lip gloss.

But thanks to chocolate, I think I’ll survive whatever tomorrow brings.


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  1. Awe I loved this post tonight–I understand it I could use a Holley hug right now Don’t you miss doing school budget… Love you-n-stuff~ 🙂

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