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Five on Friday

1. I’ve gotten pretty lazy in my entertaining. I mean, we’re still inviting friends over, but the exhaustion of life means I’ve lost all pride in presentation.


Former veggie trays might have been on a plate, or at least separated by vegetable type. Not anymore. Pile of raw veg? Good enough. At least I washed them…

2. A trip is in our future and I’m finally starting to get through to my family.


Hot Tamales are a travel necessity. Thanks, Matty B! Also, I’ve got enough crayons, stickers, and coloring books for the entire plane.

3. There’s a wolf on the loose!


WWU’s mascot is a wolf and his head was down in our office for a photo shoot. J Man was visiting me for a few minutes the other day, disappeared, and then returned, channeling “Wally”. Future college student employment?

4. Speaking of colleges, Matty B’s alma mater was in town and we went to their alumni gathering. He snatched a few souvenirs on our way out the door.


It only hurts my heart a little to see them waving those flags…

5. Miss Rae is smart. Super smart. Unfortunately, she’s growing up with mini-Einstein, so I tend to forget about how brilliant she is. Girl knows all her letters. All of them! I was shocked (I don’t know why- her preschool is awesome).


Here she is with her favorite letter. Naturally.


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