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Madagascar Pink Rice

Sometimes, cooking for my family can be challenging. Both kids are awesome with vegetables and they do a pretty good job with the protein sources that I offer them, but carbs are a frustration.

They really don’t like potatoes (other than in French fry form) and for Miss Rae at least, even bread is hit or miss. In all reality, if they could eat plain pasta with parmesan cheese for every meal, they’d be happy.

Rice is another problem. They just don’t like it. I’ve given it to them plain, cooked in vegetable broth, with cinnamon and sugar, and with butter and salt. They will choke down their one obligatory bite and request to be excused from the table.

Rice is filling and cheap. Why are my children trying to make me tired and poor?


I saw some Madagascar pink rice at Andy’s Market today.


In other news, Miss Rae continues to be obsessed with the color pink.

Surely this is a combo that is meant to be. If Miss Rae dislikes rice, but loves pink, is there a chance that we can meet in the middle and she’ll tolerate pink rice?


Sadly, it was not to be. I blame J Man. When the kids came in from playing outside, they could smell the rice cooking. “Are we having popcorn for dinner?” they questioned. When I excitedly explained that they got to eat pink rice for dinner, J Man demanded to see it.

I showed him the contents of the rice cooker.

“That’s not pink!” he declared. “That’s brown!”


My plan was foiled. When dinner time arrived, they both scarfed down everything else on their plates and then took one begrudging bite of rice (with a little soy sauce which seems to be the best of the worst ways to ingest rice in their minds) before requesting dessert.


Miss Rae still likes pink.

I still like her.

And, for the record, there is one person in my house who likes pink rice: me.


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