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Thursday Thoughts, XXVII

1. I made this molasses mocha snack cake and it was really good.


It was this surreal experience because after we had our first taste, I turned to Matty B and suggested that next time I add chocolate chips.

“No,” he responded. “I think it’s a little too sweet already.”

What? What??? Never in his life has Matty B ever said those words. I was baffled. But I still think this bread would be good with chocolate chips.

2. Breakfast has always been and will always be my favorite meal ever.





Contrary to what you might be thinking, the above photos are not my breakfasts from the past week. These are all photos of what I ate today.

Breakfast: oats with raspberries and chia seeds
Lunch: eggs, vege sausage and strawberries
Dinner: cereal and PB toast with bananas

Best day ever.

3. Six Reasons Gray Hair is White Hot

If I could wake up 100% gray overnight, I think I would be ok with it. It’s the long, arduous process of becoming gray that’s so painful. Also, I can’t decide if it’s grAy or grEy.

4. For the record, coconut frozen yogurt is NOT good with peanut butter sauce and chocolate covered pretzels.


Although, I’d absolutely rather have mine than J Man’s which was original tart with mini m&m’s and gummy carrots.

5. Their future’s are so bright…



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