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Gourmet S’mores? No.

Today’s story has a number of points which include:

1. Classic s’mores trump gourmet s’mores. Truth.
2. Even if students are in college, if they’ve formerly known you as “Mrs. Bryant” and even if you’ve told them, call me Holley, they will still call you Mrs. Bryant.
3. Campfires make me think of summer which makes me pretty excited.

Some of the students that I taught at Hood View loooong ago, are now students at the university. Yes, this blows my mind. How did I get so old? Lucky for me, these students are pretty amazing and when this old lady with grey hairs issued them an invitation for a backyard hotdog roast, they humored me and came.


Six of them gathered to tell stories about the good old days, question each other on current sociology teachers and talk about the future.



I kind of loved it.

I fed them hot dogs and tater tots (what we lacked in quality, we made up for in quantity).


And then, of course, there were s’mores.


I had previously googled “unique s’mores toppings” because I thought regular s’mores would be boring. Siri shared all kinds of suggestions with me including crumbled bacon, melted peanut butter and shredded coconut. I went the cheaters route and bought a sampler bag of Ghiradelli and some Reese’s PB cups.



The general consensus? No one wants a raspberry, mint, or even a peanut butter s’more. Classic chocolate all the way. And now you know.


The whole thing just made my heart happy and #4 on the list above?

4. If J Man and Miss Rae are like this as college students, I’ll be one happy mama.


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