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Time Well Spent

“You can invent things like automatic popcorn poppers. You can invent things like steam-powered window washers. But you can’t invent more time.” – Lemony Snicket

Facebook is good for something, I guess, because I saw the above quote this morning, parallel to this stream of words coming from my mouth:

“Coats and shoes! Coats and shoes! Put on your coats and shoes. Miss Rae, where’s your book for “book-and-tell? Haven’t you already brought that one? Who didn’t eat their vitamin? J Man! Coats and shoes! Quickly! Yes, I already signed your permission slip. It’s in your backpack. Let’s go. No racing! There is no “first”- nobody is first!”

After a frantic morning (always) and a few hours of meetings (always), I had a blessing in disguise. Miss Rae’s afternoon babysitter was out of town so I took the afternoon off to be with my girl.

And I embraced Mr. Snicket’s quote and even though I did one load of laundry and washed baked potatoes for dinner, I did nothing else but enjoy time.


By the way, this position is not the most conducive for napping, so we just didn’t.


We absolutely went outside. It was gorgeous.


Swinging and the dollar store shades.

Additionally, we read every Arthur book we own, played Calico Critters, cut Miss Rae’s bangs (why is that soooo hard?) and because it’s my favorite thing to do, we cooked.


See her bangs? Awful.


I used a recipe from my Joy the Baker cookbook.


They came out more cookie-like, than brownie-like, which is why we pulled out the cookie cutters.


I’ll take almost any excuse to pull out the cookie cutters.


These were delicious.

Also, we didn’t wear coats OR shoes for the majority of the afternoon and miraculously, all was well.

Time well spent:)


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