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Pizza Pull-Apart Muffins

We’ve had a little time to recover from the big Super Bowl loss of 2015.


Someone, however, continues to bleed blue and green (navy and green? turquoise and green?) and at every opportunity, wears either his Wilson, Lynch or Sherman jerseys.


And more than a month later, his devotion lives on. The kids got to spend the weekend with Grandma and Papa and above is the creation J Man made at breakfast. Translation: Seahawk Fish.


For dinner tonight, I made green salad and these Pizza Pull-Apart Muffins.


The pesto is green.


The dude’s plate was blue.

Is that showing enough allegiance?



These were really good and absolutely versatile. I made one batch, three ways.

1. Just cheese for the kids who are “allergic” to sauce.
2. Marinara and mozzarella, for the cheese pizza purist (aka Matty B).
3. Pesto and smoked Gouda because it was the best.


I loved pulling apart the layers because I’m weird like that.

Matty B ate his salad without dressing because he’s weird like that.

J Man has his eye on a Bengals jersey because he’s weird like that. And also his football devotion apparently isn’t exclusive to the Seahawks.

It’s ok with me. My devotion is exclusive to these pizza pull-apart muffins and the Broncos:)


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