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5 on Friday

1. Apparently it takes me longer than most people to catch onto average things.

Case in point: Chobani flips


I’m totally addicted to these yogurts and just now figured out that the reason they’re called flips is because you take the side with the toppings…


(in this case, honey roasted almonds and dark chocolate chips)

…and you flip it onto the yogurt side.


Mind blown.

2. The kids and I spent a loooong time cleaning the playroom in the basement.

Feeling much better about the world, I came up the stairs to find this:


I. Can’t. Keep. Up.

3. We were at Matty B’s school fair and a friend snapped this photo incognito. It’s a perfect example of the battles I fight on a daily basis.


I’m on the left, eating green salad out of a cup. And if you can see behind that giant mound of cotton candy, that’s J Man.

I’m never going to win, am I?

4. I have no other caption for this photo other than, isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?


5. In general, coffee always makes me smile, but I appreciate Dutch Bros. giving me a subtle reminder.


Happy Friday!


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