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WIAW, unexpected

Some days just absolutely don’t go the way you think they will.

I’ve had two days just like this. Not bad, just…what???

A perfect example of this is the fact that it’s Thursday, but I’m posting What I Ate Wednesday.


The day started typically enough with Starbucks Christmas blend


And steel cut oats, bananas, strawberries and raspberries stuffed into an almost empty almond butter jar.

And that’s where the crazy started.

Veggie Chicken Sandwich

The tasks I accomplished today include:

Signing away my life in order to drive a 12 passenger van

Lime Greek Yogurt

Hanging out in an airport for 4 hours


Talking with what seemed like hundreds of people I’ve never met before.

Scooby snacks meant for the kids, but I got hungry.

Taking a student who lost their luggage to Macy’s to buy clothes, but then hearing from the airport just before I pulled out the credit card that the luggage was found. Bittersweet! Yay! They found the luggage. Wah! No new clothes…

Salad with everything other than the kitchen sink

And of course, a last minute late night meeting, just for kicks.


When I finally got home, Special K was my self-medication of choice.

For a type A personality like me, a day of unexpected crazy kind of threw me off.

I think I need more Special K…


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  1. You are so very cool–miss you 💗 🙂

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