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Lactation Cookies

To be clear, I’m NOT lactating, nor do I plan to lactate evermore. Two kids+my two hands=perfect.

Also, I’ve found a way to keep Matty B’s hands out of a baked good. Simply attach the word “lactation” and he won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole.


A friend just had a baby. He might be the 2nd cutest baby in the world. (I think you know which two babies tied for 1st…)


One of the most amazing things that I experienced postpartum was people bringing food to my house. What a blessing! I vowed to follow suit whenever possible.


I found this recipe for lactation cookies and was super intrigued because they contain flax seed, coconut oil, and brewers yeast. All things that I love, but at least one of which (brewers yeast) I couldn’t imagine putting in cookies.


It turns out that you can’t even taste the brewers yeast (unless it provides a slight salty flavor- note that there’s only 1/4 tsp of salt in the recipe) and the coconut oil makes them fabulous.

So fabulous that I kinda wish I was lactating so I had a genuine excuse to eat more of these.



Jokes, jokes. How could I ever top these two babies? Do you see why it was a tie for 1st?


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