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Lavender Shortbread

Kind of amazing things happen when you don’t have wifi.

An explanation will follow, but first, a story.

We’re not big TV people, but I love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and, you know, football. So, from a few days before Thanksgiving until a few days after the Super Bowl, we have cable. Once the big game is over, we discontinue for the remainder of the year until it’s turkey time again. Who needs TV during the summer? Not us.

Anyway, as according to plan, we cancelled cable, but in the process of this, something went wrong with our wifi. Something so wrong that we haven’t had wifi at home for 3 days.

Something happened in those three days that doesn’t happen as often as it should.


I read a book. Ok, ok, it was a cookbook, but still!


Reading a book inspired me to make lavender shortbread.


Remembering that Miss Rae’s “Space” party is coming up inspired me to make them into star shapes.


With sparkly sugar crystals. Obviously.


And I’d like to believe that smelling the delicious buttery shortbread smells coming from my oven might have inspired the Charter dudes to fix our wifi faster.


I did offer to share.


They did accept the offer.

And kind of amazing things happen when you don’t have wifi.

P.S. The wifi is fixed.

P.P.S. I’m really happy.


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