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Steel Cut Quick Oats

More than ever before, time is valuable.

And my actions as of late seem to echo this sentiment.

Like today, when I totally forgot that I promised to make cookies for J Man’s school. 30 minute lunch break. 1 cup of sugar. 1 cup of peanut butter. 1 egg.
350 degrees for 10 minutes. Done and done.

Or last weekend when we used a cookie mix to make valentine dessert.

Or a couple of weeks ago when dinner was waffles from a mix.

Or what about my Seahawks cupcakes…from a mix.

It seems that the Holley who used to shun Sandra Lee and her semi-homemade ways, has now embraced the concept of Bisquick and quick oats.


However, even Sandra Lee has her standards and I’m happy to report that these Steel Cut quick oats are pretty good!


I’ve always been a fan of steel cut oats, but they really truly take forever to cook. My typical solution to this is an overnight crockpot scenario, but sometimes my breakfast mood changes overnight and I don’t want the thing in the crockpot.


My regular rolled oats cook for five minutes. These new steel cut oats cook for five minutes. No time wasted and I like these oats so much better. Especially topped with raspberries, bananas and…


Honey Sunflower Butter. Everyone has time for that!

P.S. Quaker didn’t pay me in money or oatmeal to write this post, but they should…


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