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Homemade Corndogs

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real.

A perfect example is most celebrities. Not much real going on there. Unless you’re talking about Brian Williams and I adore him and believe that every word he’s ever said is true! Come back to NBC, Brian! says the girl who doesn’t have cable and hasn’t watched TV since the Super Bowl.

Another example of blurring the lines between real and fake is sitting on my dining room table.


That, my friends, is a plastic plant sitting in a mason jar of water. All the credit, of course, goes to J Man and Miss Rae. They’ve got their mommy’s green black thumb.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real.


I grew up on soy products. There’s no ill-will involved in this statement. I feed my children soy products. I have no guilt. But the other day I looked at the ingredients on these corn dogs.


Why is there Blue #1 in these corn dogs? Nothing about them is close to blue? Also, what is hydrolyzed torula?


So I took matters into my own hands.


Caveat: there’s probably some questionable material in these soy hot dogs too, but my batter/breading was made of things like milk (which contains milk), cornmeal (which contains corn) and honey (which contains honey…and maybe bee legs. Whatever.)


I used this recipe for homemade corndogs and not only do they use real ingredients, they’re baked, not fried, which makes me feel somewhat virtuous.


Other than adding an additional tablespoon of flour to the dough (it seemed a little too soft to wrap around the hotdogs and maintain shape), I followed the recipe exactly.


The consensus? Matty B and I actually really liked them. The kids didn’t. I don’t know why.


Don’t trust them. These are the same people who are still waiting for the plastic plant in the dining room to bloom.


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