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Sorry Walla Walla and the best restaurants

It has come to my attention that I tend to treat the Walla Walla food scene like an inadequate imposter.

And it’s not nice. And it’s not accurate. And sorry, Walla Walla.

Because we have the Colville Street Patisserie and their chai latte is the best.


Because we have Olive Marketplace and their amazing butternut squash coconut curry bisque. I might be saying that in the wrong order, but all the elements are there.


Because we have Maple Counter where I love everything they’ve ever made ever.


Because we have Iceburg, perfect for lazy summer afternoons (or stressful evenings trapped in your office writing press releases – but that’s another story).


Because we have friends who make us fancy coffees at dinner. Thanks, Holly and Schaun!


Walla Walla can hold its own and P.S. Kennewick is not that far away if you’re desperate for an Olive Garden fix.


(Who am I? Remember this post where I snubbed Olive Garden? What a hypocrite.)

Other good Walla Walla dining options?

Whitehouse Crawford– interestingly enough, one of our favorite things at this gourmet restaurant is their onion rings.

Sweet Basil Pizzeria– they put globs of ricotta on their cheese pizza which Matty B is not a fan of, but everything else is good.

Bangkok 103– fabulous Thai restaurant. The service is just ok, but the food is amazing. We always get takeout to solve the service issue.

Stone Soup Cafe– my aunt and uncle own this and their veggie sandwich is my favorite. Also, who doesn’t love a miniature cookie with each order?

And of course…

Roger’s Bakery– my parent’s restaurant and the best maple bar in town.


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