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Cameo Heights Mansion

I always like to be early, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. When we lived in Portland, it was a race to get an Open Table reservation for an acceptable (aka: something gourmet enough for me, but not so fancy that Matty B can’t find anything to eat on the menu) restaurant. This sprint was followed by “who will we convince to drive 30+ minutes to watch our children” because everything in Portland is at least 30 minutes away from everything else.

Valentine’s Day in Walla Walla is slightly easier because

a) there isn’t an over-abundance of restaurants to choose from (don’t get hot and bothered fellow Walla Wallans, there are some, not many)

and b) childcare is a walk in the park (or, in our case, a walk across the lawn to Grandma and Papa’s)

We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this year because we needed to use up a birthday gift certificate to Cameo Heights Mansion in Touchet, WA.


Cameo Heights is a Bed & Breakfast and I was a little suspicious. What if they only offered bacon and eggs at breakfast? Do we have to sit with other couples? Will I be forced to make small talk?


I was even more concerned when I discovered that it was only us and one other couple (whom we secretly referred to as the Germans because that was the name of the suite they occupied. In case you’re curious, we were the Asians.)


Luckily, the Germans rarely left their room, and as a result, we had the mansion to ourselves.

We spent time in the hot tub, played ping pong (Matty B won) and Yahtzee (I won) and actually talked words to each other which may not seem like a super big deal, but you haven’t been present when we try and carry on a conversation with J Man and Miss Rae nearby. Impossible is not an exaggeration.


(This is after Matty B’s first turn and he is pretty confident that he’s going to cream me at Yahtzee…)

We also ate some pretty awesome food.




The kitchen was super accommodating to a couple of vegetarians.





Cameo Heights has a fabulous theater room, an outdoor swimming pool (a little chilly for February) and even tetherball. We really enjoyed our time, but I can imagine an even better experience when it’s late spring/summer/early fall and we could have enjoyed the grounds a little more.

Truly, my only complaint was the down pillows because I’m slightly allergic and didn’t sleep very well due to a stuffy nose (note the sleepy eyes below). But that’s a personal problem and I should have requested a different pillow.


And with Valentine’s Day not even here, we’ve already celebrated! Congratulations, Matty B. The pressure is off. Also, thanks for not beating me at Yahtzee.


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