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Five on Friday

1. It’s not everyday that we do a photo shoot with a dead fish in our studio, but when we do, I run home and get the Febreze.


And Dutch Bros. Obviously.

2. This week at school, J Man was “mayor” of his class. This meant multiple things, including the fact that treats for 23 Kindergarteners were expected on Friday.



Brownie footballs for the win.

Also, this question from Matty B:

Q. “Will there ever come a time when you don’t overdo it?

A. No

3. We’ve been running into issues with this little cutie telling lies.


Lies might be too strong of a word. Stories, maybe? Basically, she’ll come home with some tall tale about someone who shoved her down on the playground and rubbed dirt in her face. Suspicious, at best.

Anyway, today she insisted that Great Grandpa Larry came to her preschool (not true). When I questioned her further she said, “Well, I saw it on Facebook.”

4. I’ve been eating my coconut oil granola like there’s no tomorrow.


Greek yogurt, strawberries, raspberries, and granola. This was breakfast, dinner and then breakfast again.

5. We’re at the Children’s Museum in Pendleton. I’m not impressed. We came this last summer and loved it. But six months later there are three exhibits “closed” (it appears that they’re just messy and need to be picked up) and the place needs a good cleaning.



I’m swallowing my inner germaphobe and the firefighter and the construction worker are still having fun.


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  1. Hey there. I made your granola yesterday. Love it!!! And also made football cookies for Super Bowl last weekend–made them with no-bake peanut butter chocolate oatmeal cookies though. You are so groovy!!!! I’m a Holley wannabe 😉 Love you~ 🙂

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