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Raspberry Iced Coffee and Shake It Off

You know that feeling when you really blow it?

Not like “I spilled coffee on my shirt right before my meeting with my superior who disapproves of caffeine.” That’s no big deal.

Not like “I’m 20 minutes late picking up the kids, but they’re with grandma and she’s flexible and the kids don’t want me to come anyway.” That’s no big deal.

Today I blew it at work. And now that I’m at home, somewhat removed from the situation and gaining a smidge of perspective, I realize that it’s really not the end of the world. Try telling that to perfectionistic-Holley. That chick is high maintenance.

But I’m just like anyone else in that during times of trouble, I crave all things gooey, delicious and fattening.

I ate French fries for dinner. Truth. And then I absolutely wanted ice cream. We have 4 half gallons of ice cream in the freezer, leftover from J Man’s birthday.


But I knew that gorging myself on Tillamook goodness really wouldn’t make me feel better.


You know what always makes me feel better? Coffee. Even decaf coffee.


And so I brewed a keurig pod, threw some ice, a handful of raspberries and a 1/2 cup almond milk into a martini shaker…


And just like Taylor Swift, I shook it off. (Side note: earlier this afternoon, I picked Miss Rae up from preschool and she’s pretty intuitive and could tell I was stressed and while in the car she requested the Taylor song and I agreed and we shook it off together.)


It was pretty tasty. Not very sweet, (add sugar if you like girly coffee drinks like Matty B) but kinda special with the raspberry flavor.


I even used one of my Valentine straws because it matched the pink hue of my beverage and it’s February and don’t you get it? I had a bad day!

But tomorrow is another day. I get another chance. I think I’ll go back. And like my buddy Taylor, I’ll make the moves up as I go…


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  1. Well, you’re awesome in my book! (no small feat!) Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!!


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