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Just to warn you, the end of this post is going to sound like an awards show because I have a lot of people to thank.


J Man is six. There was a party. Some might call it epic. I call it exhausting.

There have been parties before. Themes have ranged from the very hungry caterpillar to geography. No, my child is not a nerd.

Because football is currently all that my dude thinks about (well, that and Mario Cart) this year’s theme was pretty obvious.

Last year I said something super smart. I said,

“I’ve decided that when choosing how many guests for a child’s party, go with the number identical to their age. We had five participants. Perfect.”

This year there were 17. That’s right. 17. By the way, J Man is NOT 17, so I completely broke my own rule.


A small percentage of the 17.

I will fully admit that I bite off more than I can chew. I typically bite off more than 3 people can chew. I don’t know how else to do life. And I actually tried really hard to “scale it back” for this party because I didn’t want to fall into an exhaustion induced coma too late at the end.


I’m still in the coma, but I’d actually be dead if it weren’t for the following people.

Thanks for stealing my phone, Crystal, and taking a bunch of pictures for me because I absolutely didn’t have time and I’m so glad you did!




Thanks, Grandma, Papa, and Unk C for coming early and making most of the food. The soft pretzels were awesome!


Also, thanks Grandma for very patiently waiting for 17 kindergarteners to sign their names on J Man’s football- this will be awesome for memories!

Thanks, Amber, for sticking around and silently cleaning up the playroom.


This was the text I sent my mom when I discovered a spotless playroom.

Thanks, Baby Nora, for being the cutest human to ever sport eye black.


Thanks, Matty B for putting up all the decorations and making the popcorn and at 9:40 am, loudly announcing that one guest was 20 minutes early so I had time to rush to the bedroom and put on pants.



And thanks, J Man, for letting me be your mom:)



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  1. SO CUTE!! And such a fun party. He will never forget it, mama! Apparently loading YOUR phone with selfies of my kids is “the new thing I do…” today.

    Thank you for moving back to Walla. 😘


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