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Thursday Thoughts, XXIV

1. I was googling “cute Valentine snack ideas for kids” and somehow came across this:

What the what?

2. My 10k training for the Race for the Roses starts next week. I’m actually using Hal Higdon’s 15k training plan because I’d love to rock it on race day and maybe get myself a PR.

Compared to my 1/2 marathon training, this will be a walk in the park. Also, I was a big baby and ran on the treadmill again today…

3. There are a few perks in my job and one of them includes 20% off at the Atlas coffeehouse.

White chocolate lavender latte. Yes, please!

4. Today the kids and I were talking about J Man’s upcoming birthday. The theme of the party is football. Duh.

Anyway, Miss Rae asked, “When it’s my birthday, what will the theme be?”

“Whatever you want it to be,” I responded.

She was thoughtful for a moment and then gave her answer.


Sounds like a good theme, baby girl.

5. We had breakfast for dinner because it’s everyone’s favorite (other than Unk C).

Waffles from my favorite, Trader Joes.

I’m on a campaign. Would you do me a giant favor? Even if you don’t live in Walla Walla, would you visit Trader Joes Request A Location and ask for a Walla Walla store? I’ll be your best friend!

Also, I’ll buy out all their pumpkin waffle mix and send you a box.

I’ll have enough money because that will be my birthday theme next year.


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