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The To-do List

I’m all about to-do lists.

This doesn’t surprise you at all, does it?

I have a tendency to only write down a few vital things on my list each day because if I wrote down everything, I’d never get done and I’d feel like a failure.


This was my list today. I wasn’t a failure. I was a success! Also, the list is scratched on the side of one of Miss Rae’s never ending art creations and the yellow things on the side are not chicken beaks, but princess crowns. To clarify.


The day started out perfectly because the night before I got to set my alarm for 6:55 am. This is virtually unheard of. I had the day off because it was J Man’s Parent/Teacher conference day which means no school. The day off with my best buddy? I wasn’t mad about it.


Coffee in my super mom mug. Good thing I have some mom jeans to go along with.


Taking Miss Rae to preschool. These kids. They kill me.


The most unhealthy my grocery cart has looked in ages. That’s what a birthday will do to you. Dude turns 6 in a few days. I don’t want to talk about it.


However, he will be the smartest 6 year old you’ve ever met. He was stoked because he got a 2 in PE last quarter and this quarter he got a 1! It’s the small things…


I’m glad I have this photo to prove that I washed my car because the finished product is awful. Those auto washes are trash.


Coffee/muffin date with my boy. The glaze on that poppyseed muffin is soooo lemony- I love it!


This looks like cookie dough, but it’s not:( I premade a bunch of veggie meatballs for J’s birthday dinner.


This is the ugliest omelette you’ve ever seen, but it was delicious.


30 minutes on the elliptical- not 134. I don’t know what that number means. Also, that’s a hot pink Hello Kitty ping pong ball. You know. Just in case.


Salted almond butter and pretzels for the win.


The next few hours were sucked up with cleaning the house, but that makes for really boring pictures, so here’s the only one I’ll make you look at. Evidence that I did, in fact, unload the dishwasher.


Pizza. I’m not mad about this either.


She memorizes books and then “reads” them outloud.

I love it.

P.S. I did everything on my list today. I love that too.


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