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Love Letter to Trader Joes

Dear Trader Joes,

You might not know me specifically, but there are fans just like me in your store everyday.

Fans who come in for dried mango, salted almond butter and beefless strips, but walk out with all of the above, plus mini heart cookies.

So good…

Fans who aimlessly wander each aisle because they never know what treasure they might find next…


Lightly salted crunchy green beans? Gah! So amazing!

Fans who find that shopping within your hallowed walls make purchases like hand soap exciting.


Smells better than fresh linen

Fans who know that your products can turn ordinary meals into delicious new prospects.


Your peanut satay sauce is good on everything, including pizza.



Topped with edamame, sautéed mushrooms and yellow bell pepper, this was a stellar combo.

So please, Trader Joes, please! Won’t you come to Walla Walla? You’d fit right in. I’d visit you everyday.


Your biggest fan

P.S. At least I have some amazing dark chocolate to console myself with…



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  1. Oh my word, yes! Please use your marketing skills for the good of this poor valley where shopping goes to die! We have such sophisticated palettes here but nothing like Trader Joe’s to satisfy the hunger for the home cooking foodies we really are. PS I LOVE THE GINGER COOKIE THINS.

  2. Maybe if enough of us request it, they will bring a store to the valley. They have a request page on their site

    Lets make this happen people!

  3. My sister needs this store! I’ll go to that link, maybe it will help you guys in WW! Might as well try…


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