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Cooking with Kids

It’s no secret that Miss Rae likes helping in the kitchen.

Ever since she was a tiny thing with chubby cheeks, she’s loved “assisting”.


Seriously, look at those cheeks.

But truth be told, her help isn’t exactly helpful. When I’ve rushed in the door from work, anxious to get dinner on the table, it’s somewhat challenging to find things for her to help with that are safe and/or don’t create a bigger mess than they’re worth.

But then both kids stayed with Grandma and Papa on Saturday night and I got a text with this picture:


And there’s my little chef, minus the chubby cheeks, pleased as punch to be cooking with Grandma.

So, tonight when I got home, I mustered up all the patience I could find and Miss Rae and I made dinner. She mixed the cornbread batter as I added ingredients and then she kinda sorta helped me snap green beans. There absolutely was cornbread batter drips on the floor.

No problem. (Matty B cleans the kitchen anyway;)

Here are a few recipes I’m anxious to try with the kids.

Chocolate pudding (Because there’s nothing cuter than chocolate face. Unless it’s chubby cheeks chocolate face.)

Tortilla pizza (Nevermind that my children would only want cheese on these, making them quesadillas and not pizzas, but for the other members of the family, it’s a good idea.)

Baked corndogs (You could absolutely make these with veggie hot dogs.)

Roasted chickpeas (J still calls these “bonzos” and I think he’d like these.)

Do you cook with your kids? Any tips?


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