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My next race

I absolutely need a goal. It’s just part of my personality.

I heard someone talking about a challenge where the goal is to drink only water for 365 days (no other beverages). If it weren’t for my coffee obsession, I could totally do it. But, coffee obsession, so no.

I made a New Year’s resolution to tweet everyday. It’s the end of January and I haven’t tweeted once. Twitter still befuddles me.

It seems that the easiest goals for me to attain are race goals.

I’ve been pretty consistent with my treadmill running this winter. Part of the ease of my morning routine has to do with my Biggest Loser devotion, which I watch online while I run. I’m not proud of this devotion, but if it gets me out the door at 6 am, it’s acceptable.


But running on the treadmill is crazy easy compared to huffing it outside.


I ran 2.6 hard miles outside this morning and realized that if I don’t want to Iose my running fitness, I’ve gotta set a running goal and maybe add an incline on the treadmill…

I just signed up for the Race for the Roses in Portland on April 19 and I’m super excited!

Excited to have a goal.

Excited to have a Portland trip on the horizon.

Excited to not be sucking wind after 2 easy miles.

Excited to wear these running tights.


What do you think? Too flashy?

It’s Portland. I’ll fit right in.


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