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Seahawks cupcakes

Let’s talk about a few topics today.

These include:

1. Why I don’t love the Seahawks.
2. What I do when my boy cries giant crocodile tears.
3. How I’m not above cake mix and food coloring.

Last night we attended a family birthday party. The plan was bowling, Pizza Hut and then cake at the birthday boy’s house. J Man was beyond excited about every facet of this party.

Rookie mistake #1: don’t tell your child every detail of what you hope might happen, in case it gets too late and you need to go home and go to bed.

We enjoyed bowling and pizza, but time was ticking away and I made an executive decision that we would skip cake and go home instead.

Sobs. Heaving sobs. Giant crocodile tears running down flushed cheeks. Hiccups.

All I had in my back pocket was the promise of cake the following day at grandma and papa’s Seahawks viewing party.


I don’t love the Seahawks. When Matty B and I started dating, I surprised him with tickets to a Cowboys game. The game was against the Seahawks, in Seattle.


Have I already told you this story? I think I might have…


Anyway, Matty B and I were wearing our Cowboys jerseys and were treated horribly. Seahawks fans are awful! Yeah, yeah, 12th man, blah blah blah…


We weren’t obnoxiously cheering for the Cowboys. The Cowboys didn’t even win! I was still afraid to wear my Cowboys jersey as we walked back to the car.


I don’t really care anymore. But when people question my lack of allegiance to the Seahawks, I tell them that story.


All of this to say, do you see my undying devotion to my Seahawks loving son?


We made cupcakes, sporting Seahawks blue and green.



The cupcakes tasted really good.


And it was a good thing, because the Hawks recent win was just a little bitter…:)



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  1. You’re such a good mom!!!! He’s lucky to have you even if the 12th man is mean to Cowboys fans. 😯💚💙


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