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WIAW, and the violinist

I took pictures of what I ate today. I feel like the pictures are kind of boring. I do, however, have a funny story about J Man, so I’m going to tell you a funny story while you look at boring pictures of food.

Breakfast: grapenuts, Greek yogurt and canned peaches

So, J Man has been taking group violin lessons at school, but since the dude’s only in Kindergarten, they aren’t actually learning on a violin. They’ve been learning on a box. I haven’t seen this magical box, but I imagine it to be something like a shoebox with a few strings tied around it.

Snack: coffee and an apple

My boy has been slightly disappointed in his box and lack of violin, but he enjoys the lessons because they’re during kindergarten rest time because he’s a musical genius.

A few nights ago, he was in the bathtub and I was hanging out, trying to make conversation.


Lunch: green smoothie, too much hummus and a pile of unpictured raw veggies

Me: “Did you have violin today?”

J Man: “Yes, and I got to play a song on a real violin!”

Me: “Wow! That’s awesome! How did it go?”

J Man: (concentrating very hard) “Er-eee, er-er-eee, er-eee, eee!”


Dinner: green salad with ranch, whole wheat pasta with marinara, garlic bread.

I just about died laughing. This pleased my violinist very much because he loves to make me laugh, but he was definitely bewildered, not understanding why his very obvious impression of his violin playing wasn’t what I was expecting when I asked, “how did it go?”

Luckily, I have this blog so I can write these stories down and record them forever.

Luckily, you have this blog so you can look at boring photos of my meals.

Win-win, no?


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