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Cookie Butter Cookies

Sometimes, what seems like a good idea, is in fact a terrible idea.


This is a photo of my children after I took away their safety scissors because they were attempting to cut a hole in the ceiling. Yes, the ceiling.

J Man explained to me that they were trying to create a secret passageway through the house so that they could travel from their bedroom to the playroom without anyone knowing.

As you can see above, they were quite somber when I dashed their secret passageway dreams into the rocks.

Sometimes, what seems like a good idea, is in fact a terrible idea.



Luckily, for all you cookie butter lovers, my good idea was actually an awesome idea.


I was supposed to make cookies for a work party. Is anyone else absolutely burnt out on cookies after the holidays? I wanted nothing peppermint, nothing gingerbread, and to be perfectly honest, nothing chocolate.


We’ve had two jars of cookie butter in the pantry since Thanksgiving and now that Matty B is being healthy (more about that another day), I knew I needed to use it up.


I used this recipe from Averie Cooks and it was super successful.

My tips for this recipe:

1. I doubled the recipe. This made about 2 1/2 dozen cookies and I needed every single one.

2. Yes, that means doubling the vanilla. Yes, you’ll be using 3 TBS of vanilla. Just do it.

3. She instructs no more than 9 minutes in the oven if you want them soft. After 9 minutes mine were still raw. I did 11 and found that to be perfect.

4. I used a mixture of creamy and crunchy cookie butter, but my preference would be all crunchy.


These cookies aren’t vegan, but after tasting one a coworker told me that he liked me better “not vegan” too, so I’ll let you figure out what to do with that.

The cookies are pretty amazing. So amazing that you might wish for a secret passageway to the kitchen to get some more. Don’t worry. I know just the kids who can make that secret passageway a reality. All they need is a good pair of safety scissors.


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