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Salt and Pepper Edamame

It was not a great day for football in the Bryant house today.

To catch you up, our allegiance is as follows:

1. Matty B: Cowboys and Cowboys only. Additionally, any other team who has ever played and beat the Cowboys are on the blacklist, therefore he also likes…

…no other team.

2. Me: Broncos, but only because 5 years ago Peyton Manning was in a really funny commercial and I’ve been a fan ever since. For this very reason I’m a former Colts fan, and when Peyton retires (tomorrow?) I will no longer care about football.

3. J Man: Every. Single. Team.

If you were to ask him to pick a #1 fave, it would be the Seahawks, but he loves any and all football teams. (And he has the jerseys to prove it. He saves his money and then we “online” (aka amazon) jerseys for his collection. He currently has Seahawks, Eagles, Giants, Texans, Vikings and Broncos- and he doesn’t know it yet, but a Redskins jersey for his birthday (that’s for you, Sha Sha!)

4. Miss Rae: The “Bikings” (Vikings- because she adores her Unk C) or whoever is the flavor of the moment. If there were a team with pink and purple jerseys, she’d be a diehard fan.


We watched a lot of football today. It wasn’t pretty. Luckily, Matty B knew that he had impressionable eyes and ears around him, so the sportsmanship was impressive. Still, with both the Broncos and the Cowboys out of the playoffs, it was a bit of a bummer.

I really wanted to stress eat some BBQ potato chips, but we didn’t have any.


I stress ate edamame instead. I used frozen edamame, blanched it for about 4-5 minutes and then sautéed with olive oil, salt and pepper.


They got all brown and roasted and crunchy and were super addictive. Kind of like lima beans. Yes, I find lima beans addictive.


I guess I need a new team to cheer for during the next two weeks. Maybe I’ll renew my love for the Colts. My allegiance will always be with Peyton, so it seems only right to show them some love. And if I can convince them to change their colors to pink and purple, they’ll gain a 3 year old fan too.


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  1. What do you have against the Seahawks??!


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