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Thursday Thoughts, XXII

1. I keep meaning to take a day’s worth of meal photos, (I haven’t participated in WIAW in forever) and I start strong with breakfast but then fail after that.



It’s a constant rotation of yogurt+lots of stuff and oatmeal+lots of stuff. The “stuff” is the best part.

2. I bought a spinning bike!


Remember how I used to love spin class? The classes at the Walla Walla Y are meh and I would honestly rather make up my own spin workout with my own music than go to their sessions.

My bike isn’t fancy, but she’s mine! Also, note the old school foot pump dental drill in the background? Good ol’ great grandpa:)

3. I had a meeting in Seattle today (long story, I didn’t make it because my flight was cancelled and so I tried to drive there, got halfway and then the pass was closed so I just came home) but a little angel left three packages of hot tamales on my desk before I left!

(I love hot tamales.)

It was so sweet! It was left anonymously, but it has to be someone who a) knew I was headed for a road trip, and b) reads this blog. I have my suspicions Renee.

(I love hot tamales.)


(Even when I’m sick I love hot tamales.)

4. Miss Rae is quite the fashionista.


This was her outfit on Sunday. I don’t even know what to say.

I bought her a pair of Hello Kitty slippers, which she calls her flippers. It’s kind of adorable.


Also, pants are a problem. I don’t know what to say.

5. I bought some new skinny jeans that I love.


And then I got them home and upon closer inspection noted the phrase “tummy slimming”. Blast! Are these “mom jeans”?

Oh well. At least I wear pants.


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  1. lol I think I will remember this every time I go spinning! 🙂 x


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