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Winner Flatbread

When we were in Leavenworth a few weeks ago, we stayed at some condos that had a “Family Fun Center” with mini golf (too cold), a giant TV and…an arcade.

In general, I’m not a huge fan of arcades. You spend a bunch of cash to play dumb games for a handful of tickets that you then spend on the cheapest trash ever from their “prize” counter and these prizes come home with you and then I step on these sharp little prizes in the middle of the night.

Not a fan.

But of course the little ones saw the arcade and were desperate for a chance to play. As I had forced the kiddos through numerous rounds of “smile for Santa!” and “wait 2.5 hours to be seated at a German restaurant where you’ll eat French fries”, it seemed only fair that a little arcade time was in our future.

This arcade was like every other arcade I’ve experienced only worse, because they didn’t have skee-ball (the only redeeming part of most arcades).

So J Man and Miss Rae spent their coins, collected a handful of tickets and were almost done when J Man decided to try one last game. The premise of this game was that you feed it a token and it spits out a few tickets. Very complicated.

Leave it to my dude.


He hit the jackpot.

Bells and whistles and lights went crazy as we discovered that he’d won 1000 tickets!


Tickets started coming….


…and coming!

The kids were beside themselves with joy! “I don’t know how I did it!” J Man kept repeating. “I’m so lucky!”


This flatbread made me feel pretty lucky.


The entire recipe is mixed in the food processor, my favorite kitchen appliance.


And even without proofing all day, the yeast bloomed and my flatbread puffed up beautifully.


J Man spent the majority of his winnings on a large, horribly made helicopter that broke (beyond repair) on its maiden voyage.

Later that evening, I found myself at the store purchasing another helicopter, making this trip to the arcade the most expensive ever.

Too bad I didn’t have a batch of this flatbread along with me. It would have been a delicious snack and as a bonus, mimic my pockets after the arcade ordeal: flat.


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