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6 tips for a 1/2 Marathon

Yesterday, Aunt B and I went for a run.

I wore my new Brooks Pureflow 3’s.




It’s possible highly doubtful that everyone in Walla Walla ate more soft peanut brittle than me, but for whatever reason, everyone was out running, walking, or biking.


Bruttle’s Soft Peanut Brittle is indescribable. Order some now.

It’s common practice that as people usher in the New Year, health and weight loss seem to be a big priority.

Running burns a ton of calories. Running is a great stress buster. Running clears my brain (and probably yours too).

Aunt B gets it. She’s training for a half marathon in March. I’m kinda proud of her.


(I was going to take a post-run selfie (runfie?) but I’m told my sweaty glow isn’t as appealing as I believe it to be. Instead, here’s a blurry pic of Aunt B and the munchkins.)


On our 5k route we discussed a lot of things:

1. Aunt B’s love life (very interesting)
2. Yoga (not as interesting)
3. 1/2 marathon training

I won’t pretend to be a 1/2 marathon expert, but I have a little bit of experience. So, if you too binged on soft peanut brittle and you’re contemplating a 1/2 marathon, here are my tips.

1. Clip your toenails before you run. Everytime.

2. Use Vaseline to avoid chafing. I put it right at the bottom of my sports bra, but use it anywhere that you need it!

3. For 6+ mile runs, carry water and fuel. I learned the hard way. You will hit a wall if you don’t hydrate yourself.

4. I like Clif Shots or Powerbar Gu, but use whatever doesn’t mess with your stomach. Some people do jelly beans or gummy bears. I personally had a hard time chewing, running, and breathing at the same time, so the Gu fuels worked better for me.

5. Definitely stretch afterward. I didn’t follow this advice as well as I should have and I still have hip pain.

6. It’s okay to walk.


As we say good-bye to the holiday season, a race might be just the thing to inspire you to get moving.

Any racers out there? What are you training for?

I need a good 10k…


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