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New Year’s Eve Traditions

Do you have any New Year’s Eve traditions?

I am all about holiday traditions. Christmas talent shows, fondue and gingerbread houses are just a few examples of traditions I force upon my family that we observe.

But New Year’s Eve is tricky.

By this time in the year, I don’t have the energy for anything elaborate. Yet, a fresh new year calls for something special.



Last year I made aebelskivers and we hit a piñata.

But, truth be told, the aebelskivers were “meh” and just weeks ago at Miss Rae’s preschool Christmas party, she sobbed when her classmates hit a piñata, so I wasn’t anxious to reinact that scenario.



So this year, we made chocolate covered strawberries (among other things) and played Mario Cart.

It was pretty fabulous.

I did, however, keep one tradition.

My red sparkle shirt



This year and last year.

Because, really, when else can you wear a red sparkle shirt?

What are your New Year’s Eve traditions? Can I borrow them?


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