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Almond Swirl Cookies

Living at Grandma V’s house during Christmas brings back a flood of memories.

And while some of Grandma V’s Christmas decorations are not my taste (imagine the most elaborate Dickens village you’ve ever seen), there are some pieces that I LOVE.


The three angels


The wise men


And of course, the nativity. My cherubs took their role of setting this up very seriously and if I ever sneak in and move the cows further away from baby Jesus, they somehow find their way back. I guess they’re confused about where to get their dinner from.


And then there’s Santa. Now, I’m not as nostalgic about Santa, but it didn’t seem right to banish him to the closet along with Mr. Dickens and his decorative barbershops.

So Santa has joined us.

We actually call him Spooky Santa.


And now you see why.

Apparently Grandma V also found Santa’s eyes slightly menacing because she put some blue paper in his eye sockets in some attempt to make him less alien like.

I guess he isn’t technically “local”.

Regardless, his eyes are kind of hypnotic. Sorta like these cookies.


Prettier swirl cookies have been done, just not by me.


I used the recipe on the crisco can. Classy, no? But I substituted almond extract for vanilla and then split the dough in half, mixing in two TBS cocoa powder into one half for color alone.


Then I wrapped each disk in Saran and stuck them in the freezer because I wasn’t ready for cookies yet. (Right now Matty B is wondering, “how can you not be ready for cookies at all times?”)


I wouldn’t actually recommend freezing the dough. It worked okay, but I think it would have been more pliable fresh, versus freshly thawed.


Light disk on top of dark disk and roll into a burrito.


Slice into thin rounds, baking at 350 for 16-18 minutes.


Certainly, these would be cookies that no Santa would turn down.

Even Spooky Santa would want a taste.


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  1. Indeed, they look a treat for immediate ‘scientific analysis’ (the new term for indulging the taste buds) 🙂


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